Friday, April 21, 2006

Podcast #33 - Camaro A Go!? No, not really.

Camaro A Go!!?? Not quite...the newest issue of GM High-Tech Performance Magazine claims this on the front cover. We discuss the article in the magazine and give some of our own opinions on the matter. We also share a voicemail on the exact same subject that we received. Jason Debler also made the magazine this month! Check his car out and his commentary on the new Camaro concept on page 14 and 15 of the May 2006 issue.

Got a pretty weird e-mail this week too, so we thought we'd share it with you all on the show.

The CamaroZ28.COM Podcast, is entered into a Podcast contest. It's called the Podcast-O-Rama. They setup a bracket type deal and and pair off 2 Podcasts a week. We got a bye the first week, but we'll be going against another Podcast this coming week. Go vote for us!!! Voting from our listeners is worth 20% of the weeks vote - the other 80% is done by the 2 companies hosting the event. So point your web browsers to and go get us some votes starting Sunday, April 23rd.

Website of the week:

Get your voicemails and e-mails in! We are still running our Ipod contest and will be giving away our second Ipod next Friday!

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