Monday, February 23, 2009

Podcast #181 - Camaro...on a road near you.

Camaro...on a road near you. That's right, more and more of them are showing up on the roads with production less than a month away. Scott, Cheryl, and John all got their Camaro's this week. If you are in the Metro Detroit area you could be seeing them on the road.

Our good friend Patman on the board got a chance to drive a 2010 Camaro SS recently and posted about it in the message board. You can check it out at

After we are finished recording this episode, Jason and I will be meeting up with Scott Settlemire and Cheryl Pilcher and driving their 2010 Camaro's. We will be sure to post lots of pictures, videos, and comments about the test drive. Stayed tuned!

We have a few voicemails for this week as well. Someone will also win the prize of the week! Who is it? Listen and find out!

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