Sunday, October 18, 2009

Podcast #215 - How to build a Camaro.

How to build a Camaro.

The first part of the show, Jason and I talk about the recent program on the National Geographic Channel called Ultimate Factories: Camaro. Exactly how they build the Camaro.

The CamaroZ28.COM Photo fun challenge is over. Jason and I will now take this week to go through the 38 picture submissions we received and come up with the top ten. These will then be posted for voting by our community next week.

2010 Ford Mustang Ups Incentives To Keep Pace With Camaro -

We received a great e-mail this week from one of our members talking about the Camaro content in the video game Forza 3. Here is all the content:

1969 Camaro Z28
1969 Camaro SS
1979 Camaro Z28
1990 Camaro Iroc Z
2002 Camaro SS 35th Anniversary edition
2010 Camaro SS

1973 Firebird Trans Am SD-455
1987 Firebird Trans Am GTA
2002 Firebird Trans Am WS6

Other notable GM cars:
2009 G8 GXP
2009 CTS-V
2009 ZR1
2007 Z06
1987 Buick GNX
1970 Chevelle SS 454
1960 Corvette C1
2006 Solstice
2004 GTO
and many more...

As I'm sure you guys know one of the neatest features of the Forza series is the detailed car modding and tuning. The 5th gen in game can receive the following as engine swaps: LS7, LS9, C6R 427, 2008 5.9L Nascar V8 (which can have it's restrictor plate removed). On top of this game features both positive displacement and centrifugal superchargers, as well as both single and twin turbo set-ups. In the game you can actually remove the blower from the LS9, slap on twin turbos and then drop it in your Camaro.

Here is the games full mod list, I can't wait to to try them out on my virtual Camaro:

Spark Plugs
Oil and Cooling

Platform and Handling:
Front antiroll bar
Rear antiroll bar
Weight Reduction

Limited Slip Differential

Front Wheel Width
Rear Wheel Width
Front Wheel Size
Rear Wheel Size

Depends on car

Engine (crate motors and production motors)
Drivetrain (RWD, AWD, FWD depending on car)
Aspiration (convert a factory supercharged motor to turbo and more)

While the game is primarily centered on road racing the developers have brought back the drag racing mode. The game now features the 1/8th, 1/4, 1/2 and full mile. Another new feature is the addition of a working clutch so that skilled drivers can perfect their launches as well as heel-toe while cornering. If you own an Xbox 360 and you love Camaro's buying this game is a no brainer.

Here's a video that features a stock 2002 TA racing the 1/4 and a stock 2010 SS racing the full mile. (the driving is not great)

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