Friday, November 10, 2006

Podcast #62 - VE, Zeta, Zeta 2, ohh and free Ipods!

We'd like to start off with a special Get Well Soon Scott!! Scott "The Fbodfather" had some surgery recently and is at home recuperating, so we wish him all the best in his fast recovery.

GM News of the Week:

Redesigned Cadillac CTS to be shown at the 2007 Detroit Auto show.

Big 3 CEO's getting together with President Bush next week for a little sit-down.

We are giving away 6 new Ipods! For the next 6 months, we'll be doing a contest a month and giving away and Ipod. The first contest has started NOW! We'll give away our first one at the end of November.

Thread of the Week:

Ask all of your VE, Zeta, Zeta 2, Sigma questions here. -

There was another thread posted in the Automotive News / Future Vehicle Discussion section of the Message Board that I thought was absoutely hilarious! It was called More Domestic Car Bashing. I read a few from this article.

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