Friday, November 17, 2006

Podcast #63 - Great new way to listen to the Podcast and we call some Chevy Dealers about the Camaro.

A great new service has been added for this Podcast. You can now listen to this podcast right from your cell phone at anytime. Just dial 650-644-1939 and our newest episode of our Podcast will be availble for you to listen.

GM News of the Week:

The Big 3 CEO's got together with President Bush this week for a little sit-down.

Let's call some Chevy dealers!! We were curious as to what Chevrolet dealers are saying with questions about the new Camaro. We picked 3 random Chevy dealers and gave em a call.

We are giving away 6 new Ipods! For the next 6 months, we'll be doing a contest a month and giving away and Ipod. The first contest has started NOW! We'll give away our first one at the end of this month (November 2006). Check for all the details in the forum.

If you'd like to be in our Podcast by asking a question, or just making a comment, we have a phone number you can call now. It is (586)486-3182 or you can e-mail a question to both of us at Also, if you enjoy the Podcast please fill out our survey at$